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SparkPHD is a media business that has been built on a culture of thought leadership, creativity and innovation.

When David Pattison, Nick Horswell and Jonathan Durden launched Pattison Horswell Durden (PHD) in London in 1990, the agency was credited with inventing “creative media”. The ambition of the founders were clear - this was an agency focused on unleashing creativity and fusing strategic planning with buying. An agency that thought before it bought. An agency that was about to unleash a new era of creative communications planning. An agency that always found a better way.

In New Zealand this philosophy was very closely mirrored at media agency Spark in the nine years since its creation before merging to become SparkPHD.

And today in 2015, 25 years since PHD’s inception, SparkPHD is still as focused as ever on staying true to the mantra of finding a better way and the values of openness, curiosity, creativity, courage and collaboration.

Our objectives are simple - to continue doing what PHD has always done, delivering on three core pillars;

  • Being the agency that produces award-winning work envied by the industry.
  • Being the agency that all clients want to work with.
  • Being the agency that bright talents want to work for.

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