Claus Andersen

Managing Director, PHD Copenhagen

Claus was appointed managing director of PHD Copenhagen in 2014. He is responsible for spearheading PHD’s strategic planning approach. Claus studied Sociology at Copenhagen University and uses this background to focus on turning consumer insights into strategy and execution. Claus was a key contributor to PHD’s latest publication “Sentience: The Coming AI Revolution and the Implications for Marketing” which launched this summer and looks at the implications of Artificial Intelligence upon the world of marketing.

2008 Claus joined Omnicom Media Group working in the consumer behavior and insight team. In his time there Claus rose to the position of Insight Director.

2011 Claus was involved in launching the Insight Group and was named Group Director for consumer insights.

2012. Before joining PHD Claus was working at OMD as strategic director. Among other things, he has developed a strategic framework for the consumer decision process and how consumers can be approached through communications.