Consumer 360

Hindustan Unilever, PHD India

What we did

PHD India worked with Hindustan Unilever to deliver Consumer 360, a mobile initiative to build a database of consumers across India.

Brands including Cornetto, Vim, Surf, Taaza, Huggies, Fair & Lovely, Close-up and Sunlight featured a toll-free phone number and a unique code on their packaging.

What our audience did

Consumers called the number via their mobiles and answered a series of questions about their shopping habits. They were rewarded with free talk time.

Many of them also opted in to receive additional offers from HUL.

What it achieved

A staggering 5% of the population of India was profiled, around 70 million people, giving HUL valuable data on consumer demographics and buying patterns.

This insight is used to promote HUL’s food, household cleaning and personal hygiene brands across a huge market of 1.2 billion people.

The data collected helped the Vim hand dishwasher brand increase sales by 40%. It also enabled HUL to build relationships with relevant consumers for future campaigns.