Flonase Allergy Tracker


What we did

Most American allergy sufferers think pollen is the only allergy trigger, allergies only happen when it’s sunny and pills are the only answer.

We helped Flonase, an anti-allergy nasal spray, change everything by launching the Flonase Allergy Tracker.

In partnership with The Weather Channel, we created an allergy tool that provided real time updates and allergy forecasts that were based on all allergy indicators.

What they did

The tracker was designed to be easily accessible at any time and activated across multiple channels and devices on both The Weather Channel and Flonase’s owned media.  In paid media, the tracker was available on mobile, desktop and facebook and promoted on air.  Distribution of content on facebook was based around allergy intensity, geography and climate.  Targeted tweets were sent to sufferers, using The Weather Channel data, just before allergy storms and additionally mini apps were placed on retailer sites, such as Target and Walgreens.

What it achieved

In just 12 months, the app has achieved 10 million minutes of tracker use, enabling Flonase to reach its annual sales target in just 7 months.  The sales growth has grown the entire allergy category by 11.2%.

To date, the app is still receiving 4.3m viewers per month on mobile alone and the tracker is now now an integral part of The Weather Channel app.