Google, PHD US

What we did

PHD US took over the biggest digital billboard in New York’s Times Square to create a giant interactive campaign for Android, Google’s mobile operating system.

What our audience did

The 25,000 square foot digital screen – the largest in North America – was the perfect canvas to play Androidify, an interactive game where users create and share personalised versions of the little green mascot that appears in Android’s advertising.

Passers-by in Times Square created Androidify characters via the mobile app or website and watched as their creations performed on the huge screen. Players were invited on to a raised stage and used motion sensors to control their characters, playing soccer or swimming games on the eight-storey high digital screen.

What it achieved

The Android digital board generated 9.8 million impressions in Times Square, scored nearly 90 million earned media impressions, and over 159 million in social reach.

Over 150 countries were represented on the digital billboard, with 500,000 characters created and 70,000 featured directly on the board.

By inviting consumers to become a part of the brand story, the billboard game promoted Android’s key campaign message: “Be together. Not the Same.”