The Gentleman’s Wager

Johnnie Walker, PHD Singapore

What we did

PHD Singapore transformed an ad campaign for Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky into a highly engaging marketing drive in the world of fashion.
The campaign introduced the amusing six-minute film “The Gentleman’s Wager”, starring an elegantly-dressed Jude Law wagering an equally stylish Giancarlo Giannini for ownership of a rare yacht.
A partnership with upmarket online men’s fashion retailer, Mr Porter, further boosted the campaign with a series of films on its website showing wagers between cool musicians, fashionistas and other well-dressed gentlemen.

What our audience did

As well as buying whisky, consumers ‘shopped the look’ on a section of the Mr Porter website that featured clothes and accessories inspired by the fashion featured in the film.

What it achieved

The campaign extended far beyond its original creative, greatly amplifying its reach and engagement.

The film notched up 20 million YouTube views across 22 markets worldwide and brand owner Diageo earned a share of sales generated by traffic its campaign sent to the Mr Porter site.