Kan Khajura Tesan

Hindustan Unilever, PHD India

What we did

PHD India brought Unilever advertising to hard-to-reach consumers in the nation’s rural areas, where only a fifth of the population have electricity.
To achieve this, we launched Kan Khajura Tesan, the first advertiser funded mobile-based entertainment service in India. The station features music and spoken-word content interspersed with ads for Unilever products.

What our audience did

Consumers called a unique station identity number and hung up. We then called them back so they could listen to the channel’s entertainment content.

What it achieved

KKT is now the largest media channel in the two states where it is active.

Unilever advertisements have been heard more than 20 million times while spontaneous awareness for the advertised brands has risen dramatically – all for just 4 USA cents per contact.