The 4389km Campaign

Nike, PHD Uruguay

What we did

PHD Argentina launched the new Nike kit for football legends Boca Juniors with a much talked about Twitter campaign.

We asked the team’s star, forward Juan “Burrito” Martinez, to delete all 92,112 followers from his Twitter account, then vow to win them back by playing every game with the same passion he put into his first game for the club.

What our audience did

The campaign was widely talked about on Twitter and an extra 40% of consumers started following Juan than he had previously.

What it achieved

The buzz we created boosted interest in the new shirts, and an extra 1500 were sold through a 10% discount on Twitter.

Our ‘clean slate’ Twitter stunt turned out to be one of Nike’s top investments delivering a sales return of $16.98 dollars for every $1 spent.