The Smile of the Sun

Canary Islands Tourism, PHD Spain

What we did

The Canary Islands has one of the best all year climates in the world but not enough European holiday makers know this.  So we brought it to life in a 25 minute documentary film which followed the journey of three generations of an Inuit family as they journeyed from their home in Kulusuk, Greenland, which has one of the harshest climates in the world, to discover the balmy climes of The Canary Islands.

What they did

The film was premiered in a Madrid movie theatre attended by bloggers and journalists.  A 3min 30 sec version was distributed via paid for and social media to drive traffic to the official Canary Islands Tourism website to watch the complete film.

What it achieved

Traffic to the Canary Islands tourist information website increased 139% YOY driven by 400,000+ views of the content and the 1500+ PR mentions delivered an additional €1.8m of unpaid coverage.