Porsche Experience Centre

Porsche, RE-MINDPHD France

What we did

To promote the newly opened Porsche Experience Centre (PEC) in La Mans, we defied convention and chose to, instead of showing footage of a supercar racing around a track, target a younger, broader range of driver by bringing to life a very different type of Porsche driving experience.

We hijacked the driving tests of unsuspecting Parisian learner drives and swapped out their standard test cars for Porsche 911s.

What they did

We created a 3 minute video using hidden cameras inside and outside the Porsche 911s, to record the astonished learners being tested in a top of the range Porsche and struggling with hill starts, parallel parking and emergency stops, terrified of damaging the supercars.

The videos were seeded as skippable TrueView ads on YouTube, raising awareness at low cost. We also used a tiny budget to promote the video on Facebook, where it took on a life of its own, going viral and reaching one fifth of all French men.

What it achieved

Porsche’s social channels have seen incredible levels of engagement in the campaign. Porsche had never been a believer in social media before. But now it is a convert.