The Colder it Gets

Mark's, Touche!PHD Canada

What we did

Canadians are used to dealing with tough winter conditions. But the winter of 2015 was especially harsh, forcing many folk to barricade themselves into their homes. This had a disastrous impact on retail. Clothing and footwear retailer Mark’s worked with Touché!PHD to entice customers into its stores with an imaginative offer – in-store discounts linked to temperatures. So if it was -12 degrees celsius outside, they got a 12% discount. The lower the temperature, the deeper the discount.

What they did

To publicise the offer, Touché!PHD struck a deal with The Weather Network to allow Mark’s to access the service’s weather feed, which was used to trigger the discounts. Creative for the media activity supporting the promotion ran on out-of-home billboards, social media feeds and programmatic buys and was updated every day. In another media innovation, weather events such as the first snows of the year or the first freezing temperatures triggered takeovers of local city pages of The Weather Network website.

What it achieved

This was a complex campaign, as temperature-related discounts and creative were different in each major market. But the campaign was a huge hit – nearly 68 million weather related impressions were delivered. Sales increased 21% over the previous year where temperature discounts were active. The campaign was widely covered in the media too, gaining exposure in the press and on BuzzFeed.