The Oreo Eclipse

Mondelez International, PHD UK

What we did

PHD used the UK’s biggest solar eclipse in 16 years to shine a light on biscuit brand Oreo.

We suspected that Britain’s notoriously bad weather would hide the solar eclipse, on March 20th 2015, behind the clouds. So we created the Oreo Eclipse to ensure that every Brit could enjoy it.

What our audience did

Two million readers of Britain’s biggest selling newspaper, The Sun, received their paper with a translucent cover featuring an Oreo eclipsing the sun.

Consumers watched as digital billboards across the country showed an Oreo biscuit moving across the screen, mimicking the solar eclipse in real time.

A time-lapse film of the Oreo’s journey, was shared across social media.

What it achieved

By giving the UK the eclipse that Mother Nature denied it, we drove product trial and made Oreo the star of the celestial event of the decade.

Sales rose 59% following the Oreo Eclipse, helping make March 2015 Oreo’s biggest ever sales month in the UK.