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This Week in Digital

Imágen: This week may have started with 'Blue Monday', but our digital round-up remains tremendously upbeat to offset the day’s supposed connotations. How about a wearable to combat UV rays or a universal vaccine for the flu for starters?   HEADLINES For those that still have Facebook Friends - the company announces a returning onus on friends, not brands Facebook will attempt to filter local news too Amazon unveils its ad tech ambitions, which seeks to offer increased transparency for all   INSIGHTS UK Shoppers spent £1bn more than anticipated and bought more unwelcome socks than ever The growth of AI in chart form One in six own a smart speaker (and counting!)   COOL Ever wondered if you have a doppelganger? Google can help with that! For any budding/closet WWE fans out there, a future in the ring is very much a reality L’Oreal launches a rather nifty wearable to combat UV rays   DEEP READS What the future implications are for brands which rely on the Newsfeed What the outlook is for the Virtual Assistant marketplace in 2018 competition is setting up to be the key trend for 2018 Who were the successes at CES and the aftermath  

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