Often turmoil can occur when technology makes drastic changes in human life.

The turmoil is that there are people who choose to follow the development of technology, and then there are people who do not keep up or do not wish to keep up with these developments.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting more intense, and other innovations include blockchain, smart homes and even micro chips planted in the human body for various purposes.

What should our attitudes to all these advancements be?

PHD Indonesia Managing Director Roy Simangunsong advised against technology avoidance, as technology development is only a matter of time, so avoiding it is useless.

“All technology is inevitable, technology is just the matter of when,” he said at a discussion about future innovation, at SCTV Tower, Jakarta on 22 February 2018.

PHD Media is a company specialising in global communication and strategic thinking that has indeed deepened the influence of technology on society.

The presence of AI in everyday human life does sound like something that should be in the movies, and PHD firmly believes the future of mankind and technology will be closely connected.

PHD put forward these ideas in their latest book ‘Merge: The closing gap between technology and us’. Within the book, PHD revealed several technologies that can connect people with machines.

Roy Simansunsong discussed some of the technologies that can ‘join’ with humans at the Jakarta conference, including ‘leasing’ brain tissue for human memory capacity, invisible microchips and nano-bots that will be able to monitor health and predict threats of illness, smart homes and cities, self-driving cars, and more.

PHD is optimistic that a number of these specific technologies can occur within the next 30 years.

The original article is in Indonesian and authored by Tommy Kurnia, and first appeared in Tekno.liputan6.com