Volkswagen claims to be the first advertiser to reveal the current location of the user’s favourite team in real time and include it in their advertising media communication.

By targeting the user behaviour within the Kicker sports magazine app, their favoured club can be identified and Volkswagen can personally tune in football fans to an upcoming Bundesliga match. If a user calls the Kicker app shortly before the game starts, they receive information that the team bus of their favourite team is now arriving. This is seen as personalised advertising, which is perceived by the target group differently than standardised advertising material.

“We are delighted to be able to individually address our target group and offer added value with this first-mover form of advertising, with the goal being sympathetically attuned by the emotional bond with the favourite club, the new Golf Join and the area recognition feature,” explained Jörn Hartig, Head of Marketing Communication, Volkswagen AG.

“Personalised content is one of the key factors in minimising the reactivity to mobile advertising,” said Jan Kröger, Managing Director, PHD Germany.

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