Media plans are becoming more widely sourced as agencies build systems that connect their employees and encourage them to collaborate, according to an article on Ad Exchanger.

PHD built a Tinder-like workflow platform that connects its 4,000 employees and lets planners post ideas that their peers can swipe through to like, dislike or comment on. The platform has 2,000 unique monthly users generating 600 ideas per day on average.

“It asks questions to steer [planners] to think about broader marketing and media issues,” said PHD’s worldwide planning and strategy director, Mark Holden. “We found that gamified collaboration that allows people to create ideas when they are outside the office works better than traditional brainstorms.”

The platform also lets planners visualize how to allocate spend across channels and over time. With this feature, PHD helped Unilever improve its ROI 20-40%, Holden said.

“Only once this is optimized am I interested in chatting innovation,” Holden said. “Because it is so basic, but so regularly missed.”

PHD’s system makes it easier to adapt global campaigns to local markets.

“Local countries can access the global campaign we agree on,” he said. “More time is spent working on innovation and thinking and less on creating presentation materials.”

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