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Monteith’s “Sorry about the twigs folks”

19 March 2016
Monteith's Crushed Cider "Sorry about the twigs folks"

Monteith’s “Sorry about the twigs folks”

DB Breweries, SparkPHD New Zealand

What we did

PHD helped Monteith to stand out in a cluttered cider market by letting their customers know that their cider contains fresh fruit, not concentrated fruit syrup like their competitors.

We slipped real apple tree twigs into each box of Monteith’s cider and created a campaign around a public apology including newspaper, billboards, online banners and on-pack stickers.

What they did

Cider drinkers bought all of the 12 pack cider boxes available, leaving Monteith completely sold out. Journalists published the story across the news, social media was buzzing about the Monteith twigs and enthusiasts inundated the call centre with enquiries.

What it achieved

During the campaign period Monteith’s Crushed Cider sales increased by 32%. The campaign received media coverage 50 times the original PR budget, reaching thousands of cider drinkers around the country.

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