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79 per cent of people online in the US are on Facebook

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform. A new report surveyed 1,520 U.S. adults for its Social Media Update 2016 and found that 79 percent of online Americans use Facebook, more than doubling Instagram (32 percent), Pinterest (31 percent), LinkedIn (29 percent) and Twitter (24 percent).

Twitter Launches Anti-Harassment Tools

This week Twitter has launched a hateful conduct policy and has amended its Mute Feature in an attempt to combat the trolls and hate speech on the platform.

The hateful conduct reporting gives users more of a direct way to report hate speech for users or for others, whenever they see it happening.

The amended mute feature further allows users to mute entire conversation threads. This allows users to stop receiving notifications from a specific Twitter thread without removing the thread from their timeline or blocking any users.


How V Energy Drink cracked millennials with a crazy content series 

Millennials have long been hailed as the holy grail for marketers, but capturing the attention of this elusive demographic has been a difficult feat for many brands – including V Energy Drink.

Andrew Fenwick, Marketing Manager at Frucor, the parent company of V Energy Drink, tells AdNews the decision to experiment with more native content was led by the changing habits of millennials.

“Reaching the 18-24 key target is the trickiest thing for V. They are becoming harder to reach with traditional mediums” he says.

“That’s not to say they aren’t consuming TV and outdoor but it’s very different interactions with these mediums, such as dual screening.”

“The key thing is that we’ve jumped into content now. There is definitely still a role for traditional media channels to drive brand salience, but we are trying to shift our brand metrics to talk to customers in an entertaining way.”

The new content series features 24 pieces of content, from TKT Sydney, part of Clemenger BBDO Sydney, was designed to teach millennials vital life skills overlooked by schools – from folding a fitted sheet to faking a sickie.


Google Just Made It Way Easier to Scan Your Old Photos

Unlike just shooting a smartphone photo of an image, which is a tricky dance of glare and shadows and blown-out details, the four-corner scanning process eliminates reflections and other aspects of digital deterioration. Like an old-school panorama app, PhotoScan stitches together a single image from those several overlapped photos, making sure to eliminate any glare-infected shots while evening out the overall exposure.


PLAYGROUND XYZ Make Mobile Ads Great Again with New ‘Border Control’ Format

Sydney-based creative ad tech company PLAYGROUND XYZ, who use its proprietary platform to author innovative new types of mobile ad formats, today launch a new format called Border Control.

In what they claim is a worldwide first, the ad format builds a ‘virtual wall’ around the ad, helping advertisers stay clear of certain content.

Said Rob Hall CEO of PLAYGROUND XYZ: “Advertisers and users alike need to protect their interests. We thought building a visual wall around content that may be upsetting or ‘non-desirable’ would certainly strike a chord with the masses.”