How NAB uses data insights to personalise real-time customer moments

The GM of consumer marketing and customer strategy at NAB has detailed the power of tech and data to create deep and relevant service-oriented personalisation in the moment.

Speaking to attendees at the Teradata Summit 2018 Sydney, Karen Ganschow said part of NAB’s marketing strategy involves using data and insights to help guide consumers through ‘life’s moments,’ both good and bad, to create unique human customer experiences at the right point in time.


Subscription TV market is fastest growing segment

The Australian subscription TV market is the fastest growing segment in spending according to PwC’s 17th annual Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook report, but the model could soon change according to PwC Australia entertainment and media industry leader Megan Brownlow.


Airbnb will let hosts sign up to donate emergency housing before a disaster

Last year, Airbnb unveiled a program called Open Homes, which was designed to allow Airbnb hosts to provide emergency housing after a disaster. Homeowners can allow refugees or evacuees to find housing on a short notice for free. The company is now expanding that program with a pilot project that will allow hosts to list their properties ahead of a disaster .


Snapchat adds tool to delete messages

Snapchat’s appeal comes partially from the ephemeral, self-deleting messages and Stories — and now the social media network has a way to delete that message you regret sending yourself.

On Monday, June 11, Snapchat launched a Clear Chats feature that will delete messages, even the ones that haven’t been read yet. The Snapchat update comes as the parent company also expands the previously exclusive Spectacles 2.0 sales, including new availability on Amazon.


This leg suit lets you sit anywhere without needing to grab a chair

Have back pain from spending too much time on your feet? Noone’s Chairless Chair could be the solution to your problems. The chair easily switches from standing position to sitting and walking — so you have a seat wherever you are, whenever you need it.