Sky and Nine team up to launch new TV channel

Nine and Australian News Channel (ANC), owner of Sky News and a subsidiary of News Corp Australia, have entered into a partnership to create a dedicated 24-hour business, personal finance and luxury lifestyle channel. The new channel, Your Money, will be broadcast on free to air on channel 95 and on streaming service 9Now. It will also be made available on Foxtel, as well as its streaming service Foxtel Now.

iOS 12 makes managing time easier, but it can’t keep us off our phones yet

Last year’s iOS 11 update focused on adding a little more customization into the iPhone and iPad, along with a redesign of some parts of the operating system and key services like the App Store. Things are a little different with this year’s iOS 12 update, though. Yes, there are many new features that improve productivity on your iPhone, but there’s also a big effort to help people manage screen time, making it easier to stay offline.

Instagram lauches it’s new TV feature

Facebook Inc.’s photo-sharing app Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users. To spur future growth, the company announced a new feature: Instagram television.Anyone will be able to upload videos for Instagram’s new IGTV section, which will display them full-screen and vertically, the way people naturally hold their phones. The video section will feature content from people users already follow on their account, Instagram said Wednesday. IGTV is also a separate standalone mobile application on iOS and Android, where videos will start playing automatically when the app opens.

Po 3D prints personalized prosthetic hands for the needy in South America

The world of prosthetics is advancing in two directions: on one hand, if you will, the latest in soft robotics and shrinking sensors enables limbs and digits with ever-increasing levels of sensation and realism. On the other, rapid manufacturing techniques are making it possible to bring sophisticated designs to the underprivileged and geographically isolated. Po is a company in Paraguay pursuing the latter goal, making customized prostheses for people who might otherwise have never gotten anything at all.

Amazon levels up its Alexa iOS app by adding … Alexa

Amazon today announced that Alexa is coming to the Alexa iOS app for iPhone and iPad users. You’d think an app made to help users control the AI assistant and interact with information it serves up would come with Alexa inside, but that wasn’t the case until this year. Though Echo speakers have been available since 2014, Alexa was added to the Alexa app for Android smartphone users in January, and will be rolled out for iOS users in the coming days.