Adobe could bring Photoshop to the iPad

Adobe  currently has three dozens apps in the App Store. But one app is still missing. According to a report, the company could be working on a full-fledged version of Photoshop for the iPad. And it makes sense for a ton of reasons.

First, it’s clear that the iPad has become powerful enough to run complicated image editing software. Just two days ago, Serif launched Affinity Designer for the iPad, an Adobe Illustrator competitor. You can also look at benchmarks to find out that the iPad Pro is now more powerful than most mid-range laptops.


Acting Royalty Michael Caine, David Walliams & Joanna Lumley Star In Hilarious New BA Safety Video

British Airways has continued with the comedy vein for its latest in-flight safety video, but this time enlisting some serious British acting talent that includes Sir Michael Caine, David Walliams and Joanna Lumley to name but a few.

The latest feature sees the actors pretending to audition for the video, while still managing to get across the important safety messages seen on flights before departure.


Unconscious bias and short-termism are costing our industry’s recruitment process

PHD’s Stephanie Douglas-Neal argues that media agencies are being let down by unconscious bias and short-term thinking when it comes to hiring the next wave of talent.

A vast body of research demonstrates that all hiring processes are biased and unfair. Unconscious ageism, sexism, and racism all play a role in whom we hire.


The doctor on your wrist: how wearables are revolutionizing healthcare

If it weren’t for her smartwatch, 18-year-old Deanna Recktenwald might not be alive today. Her watch pinged to warn her that her resting heart rate was rocketing, and she immediately went to get checked out; if she hadn’t, she might have died from kidney failure.


Footy stars fail Mercury Cider’s ‘Tough Test’

Mercury Cider is taking a leaf out of the blokey beer ads playbook, and pushing the ‘toughness’ of its product.

“We at Mercury know tough”, the ad begins, before putting sports stars, including AFL ruckman Max Gawn and NRL Cronulla Sharks’ co-captain Wade Graham, through the ‘Tough Test’.


Why do we ride, asks Škoda’s powerful new campaign


Why do we ride bicycles?

To go fast, to fight fears, to reconnect with nature, to find soulmates and because freedom tastes good.

That’s powerful message of Škoda’s latest spot, which has a strong women empowerment theme.