Google researchers develop AI for better facial recognition and object detection on smartphones

Apps that detect objects, classify images, and recognize faces are nothing new in the world of smartphones; they’ve been popularized by apps like Google Lens and Snapchat, to name a few. But ubiquity is no substitute for quality, and the underlying machine learning models most use — convolutional neural networks — tend to suffer from either slowness or inaccuracy. It’s a computational trade-off forced by hardware constraints.

There’s hope on the horizon, though. Researchers at Google have developed an approach to artificial intelligence (AI) model selection that achieves record speed and precision.


Wikipedia Turned To Streetwear To Keep Knowledge Free

To keep access to its platform free, Wikipedia often relies on branded merch. This time, however, the company dropped a surprise collaboration with a famous LA streetwear brand.Wikipedia teamed up with Advisory Board Crystals to release a surprise collaboration. The collection is made out of a single long-sleeve T-shirt with ABC pledging all proceeds toward the Wikipedia Foundation.


Time alerts put the brakes on your Facebook and Instagram consumption

Facebook and Instagram will soon let you know just how long you spend on the network — on Wednesday, August 1, Facebook announced a set of time management tools for Facebook and Instagram users. The tools monitor time on the networks, control notifications, and enable users to set a daily time limit.

Many social media users are aware of how easy it is to open the app to check notifications only to end up spending 20 minutes scrolling through memes, blog posts and what your second cousin ate for lunch. Today’s new set of tools are just one of the updates the network has launched since CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared that his 2018 goal was to make time on the networks time well-spent, reducing passive consumption and increasing engagement on the networks.


Barbarian is replacing its receptionist with an Amazon Echo Show

There’s no longer a human waiting to greet visitors in the lobby of Barbarian’s Chelsea office.

Instead, the agency’s new virtual assistant Barb is there, welcoming guests from the screen of an Amazon Echo Show.

With Barb, anyone venturing into Barbarian’s lobby can reach anyone in the office in real-time, thanks to an integration with the agency’s Slack channels. Barb can ask guests what their visit is for, alert employees when a visitor has arrived and carry on a conversation with an employee (and a guest) through Slack.


PHD Melbourne Wins Dodo’s & iPrimus’ Media

PHD has announced its appointment by Vocus Consumer Division, as the media agency of record representing the telcos Dodo and iPrimus brands.

The appointment comes off the back of a series of wins for PHD’s Melbourne office in the last 12 months including Carlton United Breweries, Speakeasy Studio and the Caydon Property Group.