In October’s round up of “Inspiration Points” we look at a mix of interesting people, amazing stories, inspiring thoughts and things we like.




  • TED podcast of the week – The meaning of work
  • Tim Ferriss Experiment – 5 tips to becoming a better investor
  • BookD podcast of the week – A book review and conversation with Andrew Marr – looking at dealing with great success and a stroke that fundamentally changes your life as well as the role that art and drawing plays in the development of an inventors mind
  • Desert Island Disc – Alison Balsom – the interview covers her journey to becoming the world’s best known trumpet soloist and her involvement in a small charity that brings brass instruments to African street children – her impassioned defence of music and the arts in the education system is wonderful to hear and straight from the heart
  • TED podcast of the week – Simply Happy
  • Freakonomics of the week – How to win a Noble Prize
  • TED podcast of the week – Open Source World
  • Freakonomics of the week – How to save $1 billion without even trying





  • Drinking enough water? – The bottle cap that could be helpful
  • Phone Addiction – One photographer has taken a series of photos and removed devices…(main picture)
  • Real Dollz – An artist reimagined Bratz dolls as iconic women
  • Killer Bacon – It causes cancer? Sort of. Not really. Ish….