This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) saw more than 177,000 people convene to view 25,000 new product launches from 580 different exhibitors. Over the course of the conference we tried out and picked what we believe to be 2017’s top tech.

Lenovo and ASUS showcased their new smartphones that will be taking on the titans of Apple, Samsung and Google over the course of the year.  Theirs are the only products in the market that will feature Google’s Tango technology that converts any room into a virtual playspace.

Doppler labs gave a taste of the future, somewhat reminiscent of  Samantha in Spike Jonze’s film ‘Her’ or Tony Stark’s personal assistant ‘Jarvis’ in ‘Iron Man’, with their ‘Hear One’ – the world’s first in-ear computer that connects to AI personal assistants, translates dynamically and can be worn all day.

IMMERSIT presented their novel couch that turns any sofa or chair into a cockpit, moving with every ebb and flow of the movie being watched, and matches with your home theatre, music or VR system.

Amongst other products within our top tech for 2017 are Razer’s ‘Project Valerie’ three-screen laptop, the iGulu automated craft beer brewing machine and ‘feel’, and the world’s first emotion tracking and “therawrist” coach wearable that can track your happiness right from your wrist.