Anton Dimov

Trading Director - PHD Bulgaria

Anton has more than 20 years of experience in advertising industry. With the establishment of PHD Bulgaria undertook the role of the trading director of the group of companies, leading the overall buying strategy and implementation of all accounts in the agency. Leads the subsequent negotiation, implementation and performance analysis, thus the securing that PHD clients obtain best conditions on market, making sure all media buying objectives are met, and no opportunity of improving buying efficiency is missed.

A team player, part of core account teams, maintaining strong relationships internally. Also, he is a key contact point within OMG network for trading for Bulgaria.


Experience in brief:



Anton joined DDB Sofia team, as part of media department. Soon promoted to media director, role performed until official establishment of media agencies, affiliated to the networks. Through years worked with many significant advertisers on market from all industries.



Reallocated from media director of Optimum Media OMD Bulgaria to trading director first of Optimum Media OMD, then also for PHD Bulgaria since launch in 2013, leveraging the OMG group of agencies scale to best advantage.