At last week’s Cannes Lions festival, PHD’s  guest speaker, Wired’s Kevin Kelly, explored the concepts of “Virtuality” (VR) and “Cognifying” (AI) in PHD’s seminar “Predestination – Where we are all heading”.  In front of an audience of 2,000, with many more watching live on YouTube, Kevin explored the possibility that in the future VR will allow experiences to become the new currency, that we will be able to buy or download the experience of having another person share their presence with us thanks to VR.  Kevin says “VR is going to transform our internet of information into an internet of experiences and it is creating presence, immersion, a sense of being there and a way to experience things that we previously only read about or heard about. That new emphasis on experiences is the new value in the world”.

To further demonstrate this technology, as part of PHD’s “Cannes 360” initiative, a portion of the seminar was recorded in 360, which, when viewed below, allows you to experience being “on stage” with Kevin Kelly and to look out into the Lumiere Theatre in the Palais.  If you have the YouTube app and Google Cardboard, you can further enhance the experience and watch in immersive VR.

You can view more 360 content from Cannes Lions on PHD Worldwide’s YouTube channel.  PHD’s seminar “Predestination – Where we are all heading”, will be available to watch on Cannes Lions YouTube channel until Saturday.