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A breakout star for this year’s Festival, artificial intelligence-fueled messaging that merges tech, data and creative is becoming the new norm for marketers, so what better opportunity to play with it than to use it to navigate the Cannes Lions schedule?

AI-powered bots are a hot topic this week at the 2017 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. So it makes sense that the world’s biggest advertising, marketing and branding event would take a bot of its own for a spin. So for the first time, this year if you need some assistance navigating the Cannes Lions packed schedule of events and parties, your botler is here.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and PHD have partnered to launch the first official festival bot for Messenger.

Got a question about Cannes Lions? The new bot, designed for Facebook messenger, has you covered. This clever little AI can tell you anything from where to get lunch to who’s speaking, when and where. It can even help you find your way to events on and around the Croisette.

Users can ask how to get to any location at the Festival as the bot has memorized the entire Cannes Lions schedule: every talk, every speaker, every venue, networking event and party.

The Remind Me function sends an alert 15 minutes before a session starts and is ready to suggest restaurant options for meals and drinks.

The bot complements the other new tech for attendees this year—a smartband and BrainDates app to boost networking.

“Because there is so much going on, that conversational element really helps,” said IV.AI chief Vince Lynch of IV.AI, which created the bot, to Adweek. “People don’t need to know exactly what they’re looking for, they can just type it in.”

If at a loss for what to do, the bot will suggest an event or two for you to consider.

To build the bot, IV.AI used the Cannes Lions API to access data about the festival along with FAQ’s and their answers. A mash-up of Google Maps, local intel and other information about awards recipients, the bot was built in six weeks.

“It’s like tapping into the value of a place where people already are and not making them go somewhere else,” Lynch said of using platform Messenger. “If you’re actually making something that people enjoy and that is fun to use, then the hardest thing is already done.”

IV.AI is also releasing at Cannes Lions a “smart” bartender that serves up drinks based on attendees’ social media posts uses a camera to analyze each person’s emotional reaction to determines their next drink based on how they liked the last one.

“Every year there’s so much to discover and we know the chatbot will be an invaluable help – alongside all our team on site – to first timers and veteran delegates who want to discover the content schedule and seek quick answers to commonly asked questions,” Cannes Lions product director Rhod Joyce told The Drum.

AI is a hot topic at the Festival this year and Lions Innovation, in its third year, will focus on collaboration between tech providers and emerging startups.

IBM chief digital officer Bob Lord discusses with Alex Da Kid the first AI-created song; BBH’s Sir John Hegarty appears with Neil Waller, founder of startup Whalar; and Chelsea Chen, founder of Emotech and creator of Olly the Robot, share the stage with PHD.

More than 60 companies from 17 countries will showcase a range of tech as a jury chooses the winners.

“Whether it’s giving hearing-impaired people the ability to experience live performances, using pollution to as a new tool for creativity, or creating the synchronised drone tech that led to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance or building a specialised robot made for recycling ubiquitous consumer electronics, the Innovation Lions shortlist selections provide a wide array of tech-enabled experiences, and now there’s a way to see the thinking behind them,” The Guardian commented.