Charl Redelinghuys (PHD Cape Town)

Channel Director

Q1. What is it like to work at PHD?

It’s great to work at PHD. The people at PHD are very passionate about media and this serves to inspire you to raise your game. There is also a level of trust that empowers staff to feel like they are working for themselves for a greater good as opposed to being micromanaged.

Q2. What does finding a better way mean to you?

It means always putting critical thought into what we do so that we are always considering new/innovative ways to solve problems.

Q3. What would you say to someone joining PHD?

You are joining a world class media agency with some of the best minds – which can only serve to inspire and improve you.

Q4. What is the best bit about your job?

Access to insights both from leadership, resources internally as well as globally from the PHD Network.