Rene Verster (PHD Cape Town)

Media Strategist

Q1. What is it like to work at PHD?

It is the best job I’ve ever had. We are treated like people who have lives outside of the office. We don’t have to clock in and out of the office. We get give opportunities to grow and further our careers. We take on responsibility and get trusted to give great results – our bosses trust our judgement and quality of work. No policing.

Q2. What does finding a better way mean to you?

Going the extra mile, adding the extra effort to make something astonishing out of the ordinary.

Q3. What would you say to someone joining PHD?

We are an amazing team of people with a unique company culture. We have integrity and respect for one another and we can have fun too.

Q4. What is the best bit about your job?

Seeing a campaign through from start to finish. Always learning, sharing thoughts and bouncing ideas off each other. Having the ability to be creative. Seeing client satisfied with the recommended campaign plan.