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October 12 2021

PHD launches new global visual identity

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Global media network PHD, part of Omnicom Media Group, has introduced a new mark and refreshed brand identity to reflect its philosophy ‘Make the Leap’ – a call to action for leveraging the power of imagination to drive disproportionate growth for its clients’ business.

Philippa Brown, Worldwide CEO commented, “For over 30 years, PHD has put creativity, innovation, and thought leadership at the heart of the business. Creativity and the power of imagination are what fuel our industry and we believe that only by making imaginative leaps in creativity can we best help our clients flourish and, therefore, leap forward commercially. The evolution of our identity brings this idea to life, with a contemporary and dynamic mark that positions us for the future.”

Mark Holden, Worldwide Chief Strategy Officer, added: “In the modern world, advancements in data and technology have enabled marketers to improve how they target and measure their campaigns. However, while this is hugely important, at PHD, we know that every great campaign starts with a great creative idea. That’s why our new identity focuses on creativity above all else – because it’s the power of imagination that drives disproportionate growth, not just reports and spreadsheets.”

The updated brand identity, created in collaboration with independent design director, Cosmo Jameson, has been designed with digital, motion, and audio capabilities in mind and reimagined to fully embody the PHD brand ethos ‘Make the Leap’.

At the core of the new branding are visual assets that represent PHD’s values of Creativity, Courage, Openness, Collaboration, and Curiosity – a reflection of the fact that it’s the creativity and innovation of PHD’s talent that powers business growth.

The identity comes alive with brand imagery and film that allows the viewer to feel the brand values by showing the duality of a world reimagined from one state to another through visual lateral leaps.

Avril Canavan, Worldwide Chief Marketing Officer at PHD, commented “Our new identity is strategically designed with digital and motion in mind to reflect how we work today as well as being a symbol of our ethos. The brand mark is dynamic and flexible, capable of making a physical leap itself to trigger imagery or film and reveal a world reimagined.”

Cosmo Jameson, Design Director commented, “PHD has an industry-leading intelligence born from the duality of strategy and creativity. The brief was to capture the imaginative leaps and it’s the visual theme of duality, along with ‘the leap’, that drives an ownable visual language throughout the identity, defining brand imagery and film but most noticeable in the brand mark which has been recrafted as an ambigram.”

“The mark has been designed to harness a sense of kinetic energy. Its rotational symmetry allows it to demonstrate its ambigram qualities in motion but in static, its form somewhat suggests it’s about to spring into action at any moment,” continued Jameson.

The new branding is being implemented internally and externally across all of PHD’s 100+ markets.

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作者Adam Morgan在《小鱼吃大鱼》一书中提出挑战者品牌概念20年后,全球传媒网络PHD宣布就该话题与这位权威专家再次合作,于6月19日星期三在戛纳国际创意节上隆重推出新作。 《倾覆2–新一代挑战者的十大战略》借鉴当今挑战者颠覆现状的见解和经验,识别出10种不同的挑战者类型:人文情怀、好胜的斗犬、本土英雄、新生代和引人注目的颠覆者。这本书延续了2012年PHD与eatbigfish就《倾覆-讲述挑战者故事的十种方法》一书的合作。 这本新书采访了一些新颖又引人注目的现代案例,包括欧力、BrewDog、COPA90、Tony’s Chocolonely、Mailchimp和小米,了解每一品牌的战略原则及其采用的媒体行为,总结出这些挑战者类型在营销行为方面有何共同之处。 对于当今众多挑战者来说,理解挑战者品牌是什么,这是再简单不过的一种转变:挑战者品牌并不是挑战某些人,而是挑战某些事物,一些他们觉得需要挑战的事物。 在新型投资者资助下,他们采用新兴结构变化和新方式与消费者建立关系,这些新挑战者在营销和商业界产生了巨大的能量,让人振奋。 新一代挑战者也是PHD与eatbigfish研讨会“打破常规之人的规则手册”的主题,该研讨会将于6月20日星期四上午10:30–11:00在德彪西剧场举办。该书合著者,PHD EMEA首席战略官Malcolm Devoy与eatbigfish创始人兼合伙人Adam Morgan将探讨这些挑战者所用营销和媒体行为的五大共性。 Eatbigfish创始人Adam Morgan表示:“《倾覆2》探索了这对老套的‘大卫vs巨人’表象之下的挑战者意味着什么;有助于指导营销商在越来越喧嚣、拥挤和焦躁的世界中找到成为引人注目的挑战者品牌所需的挑战者品牌宣传方法。” PHD EMEA首席战略官Malcolm Devoy表示:“这些挑战者品牌在很多方面大为不同,不同的类别、不同的竞争对手、不同的品牌个性,但它们也有一些重要的共同之处。这些共性似乎成了挑战者品牌行为及其特定媒体行为背后的组成部分,最终帮助它们撰写出卓越发展的故事。” 即将就任的PHD全球首席执行官Philippa Brown补充道:“能在PHD新作中与Adam及其eatbigfish团队合作十分荣幸。我们坚信,挑战者行为并不局限于新企业或小企业。各种规模的品牌,无论它们属于哪种行业、竞争、传统或个性,采纳挑战者思维都能受益,都能推动品牌实现更宏伟的增长并产生它们期待的影响。” 《倾覆2–新一代挑战者的十大战略》也将出版作为限量版咖啡桌书籍,除了具备标准书籍的所有内容外,该书还配有精美的图像、深入的采访和案例研究。书中包含对各式各样品牌的全新采访,涉及的品牌包括DB...
June 18 2019
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