“Data and technology are undoubtedly important, but they’ve literally hypnotised us lately,” said PHD’s Cooper at the Cannes Lions Festival. “Creativity is experiencing a midlife crisis, technology is stealing our diversity, and therefore agencies working in the creative industry should think about how to support it again,” he reasoned.

One way is to focus on so-called neuro-diversity.

Neuro-diversity can be brought to the attention of the agencies by working more closely with employees and discovering the people they were in childhood. “Children who are encouraged to play their fictional heroes also show better results in this role,” explained psychotherapist Oliver James. For example, David Bowie liked to use his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, which helped him face fear of madness and suicide.

“That’s why people should know and re-discover those who are forgotten,” said James. “Today, businesses are looking for diversity, but we need to keep in mind that we need to build an atmosphere that will support people,” he added.

“For the future of the advertising industry, it is not just the art of assembling a team of diverse talents, but also that people are able to recognise their own childhood,” concluded Cooper.

The original article is in Czech and published in MediaGuru.cz