As part of the Token Man initiative, PHD UK’s CEO, Daren Rubins, spoke to Emma Perkins, executive creative director of Lowe Open about the importance of gender equality in the industry and the initiatives PHD UK has in place to ensure equality across all employees; “We need to be flexible for both men and women, we have a lot of new fathers too who say, I need to be home for bath time and so have to leave at 5pm each day.  That’s fine. Because I know if I create that level of trust and I need something doing early one morning or at a weekend, they’ll do it.”

Daren is proud to drive balanced gender quality within PHD UK and has made it very public that there is no gender pay gap at the agency; “What I would say is that as long as my competitors aren’t paying their women as much as men that leaves it wide open for me to attract the best talent!”

The Token Man initiaitve was set up to give men a better understanding of the challenges women face in our industry, enabling men in a tangible way to contribute to the movement for gender equality.

Earlier this year, Daren spoke at the first Omniwomen event in the UK as Omnicom launched the initiative to serve as the catalyst for increasing the influence and number of women leaders throughout the Omnicom network.

You can read Daren’s interview in full at The Drum.