This article was originally published on The Sun Daily

As technology evolves throughout the ages, so do businesses, changing their accustomed processes and practices to methods that incorporate modern day technology. An area that is evolving extensively is the marketing industry, which today widely uses Artificial Intelligence (AI).


PHD is a globally renowned media and communications agency. PHD Malaysia recently organised an exclusive event which explored the coming revolution of AI in marketing. Called “Predestination”, the event provided insights into technological trends expected to shape the future. According to sources in PHD Malaysia, the event was basically established on the company’s 2016 thought leadership book titled Predestination: Where we are all heading.

The event featured keynote speakers Eileen Ooi, who heads PHD Malaysia, and Jessey Chew, who leads the team in strategy and platforms, both who shared about the emerging trends and their impact on businesses in the future.

“We see a future where AI complements human knowledge and experience. A future where AI predicts consumer needs that will help us better understand and communicate with clients to offer impactful solutions,” Ooi said.


Omnicom Media Group Malaysia and Singapore CEO Ranga Somanathan shared his view. “As new technological forces take over, the human element plays an even more important role. While AI algorithms do the grunt of the work, it is us who add real value by addressing real life problems with technology,” he said.

Indeed, if we take a look around us today, we can clearly see how modern technology has already become part of our everyday lives as it is embedded in everything that is manufactured today. These new methods and processes under the “Internet of Things” banner offer huge opportunity for creativity and innovation as it revolutionises lifestyles in the way we buy and sell, work and play, even learn and communicate with each other.

In the advertising and marketing industries, AI is said to supplant many of the roles that exist but will lead the way to new opportunities and ideas.