THE WORLD HAPPENS FAST.  How do you keep up with it all? We were wondering the same thing.

Below you will find a link to The EDIT, the fourth edition of the quarterly online magazine from PHD APAC. Each quarter, we’ll be EDITing the best stuff from around the world to give you a reliable and regular source of information and inspiration.

This quarter is all about PEOPLE POWER, exploring how people make PHD’s culture thrive, how they are changing how we buy, how technology is creating new exciting roles for people in media agencies…as well as how you can future-proof your career in a rapidly changing world.

The Discovery section completes our journey through PHD’s Predestination… with perspectives from across APAC on what Kevin Kelly’s future tech-trends mean and how they will impact our lives and work. The Ideas section is our pick of the best of the bunch at Spikes Asia this year- have a look and see what caught our eye.

And in Thoughtleadership you can read not only Mark Holden’s Admap piece on the future of strategy, but an EDIT exclusive as we discuss with Mark and Susana Tsui the implications of Mark’s thinking on PHD now and in the near future. Further future-proofing advice from Sam Webb who explores how you and your career can not just survive but thrive in a VUCA world! Brace yourselves. And Chris Stephenson explores how people power is bringing about not just radical changes to commerce… but the very end of buying itself.

View The EDIT here.