THE WORLD HAPPENS FAST.  How do you keep up with it all? We were wondering the same thing.

Below you will find a link to The EDIT, the fifth edition of the quarterly online magazine from PHD APAC. Each quarter, we’ll be EDITing the best stuff from around the world to give you a reliable and regular source of information and inspiration.

This quarter is all about CURIOSITY! Curiosity is one of our core values at PHD so this quarter The EDIT explores how critical it is to stay curious, to better understanding consumers – and what the role an insight (with its facets) plays in our everyday lives.

The Discovery sections digs deep into what trends are hot in 2017 as well as the latest tech developments from CES2017. It also features a deep dive into Australia and New Zealand and PHD’s Challenger Types. You don’t know yet what Challenger Type you are? Don’t worry, you can take the quiz in the DISCOVERY section of The Edit.

The Ideas section is our pick from the PHD Light Awards Wave One – have a look at what it takes to get a 7+ in PHD Light Awards.

And in Thoughtleadership, you can read not only David Jeff’s essay about “The Power of Data Storytelling” and how important it is to create stories around your vast data sets, but also Ben Grill’s “Master the Art of Asking Questions” where he will underpin that asking questions is the first step to broaden your horizon and feed your curiosity. And Deepa Menon sheds light on holistic measurements and why chasing short-term goals may not be the best way forward.

The EDIT shouldn’t replace all that awesome information and data that comes your way each day, we all still need to read and digest from far and wide to stay across the exciting to complement all this awesomeness and ignite your curiosity wherever you are in the world.


View The EDIT here.