THE WORLD HAPPENS QUICKLY. All across the globe we all have access to more information and ideas than ever before. How do we consume it all? How do we take it all in? … If only we could edit it down!


Each Quarter, Editorial explores a key theme. In this third edition we explore creativity. Where does creativity come from? Why is it important? How do you develop and sell ideas? Plus we go behind the scenes of judging at Cannes and talk to the people behind the work that grabbed metal back in June.

As well as Editorial, this quarter’s Discovery explores the inevitable shape of things to come in the form of PHD’s Predestinations – the tech trends that are shaping our future today. The Ideas section highlights the work from within and beyond the network that caught our attention at Cannes.

If that wasn’t enough, we gathered the smartest Thoughtleadership from across PHD’s global network for you to peruse and digest at your leisure. This quarter guest contributor Nicola Daniel (from boutique creative facilitation agency Chicken Egg Dinosaur) coaches your inner creative, Ronnie Thomas talks data creativity, Mark Bowling discusses how to sell ideas and Chris Stephenson takes you behind the scenes at judging Cannes media lions.

View The EDIT here.