“Our eye on AI” features a weekly round-up of the most interesting stories, videos and quotes from around the world on the topic of artificial intelligence.

This week’s round-up looks at houses that learn, Google’s new chatbot, purposeful data and how AI is making an impact on the pharmaceutical industry;

  • Wired’s Liz Stinson writes that “Google’s New Chatbot wont shut up – and that’s a good thing” following the unveiling of two new Google products at the company’s annual conference.  A messaging app called Allo and an Amazon Echo-like device called Google Home—that rely on a “conversational user interface.” Link
  • London start-up “AI Build” is making a home-hub prototype that it says will “make turning on a light as easy as asking your mate to get up and do it”.  Forbes reports on “the house that learns – bringing artificial intelligence into the home”  Link
  • Scientists from Insilico Medicine, a bioinformatics firm, have figured out how to teach AI to predict the therapeutic use of new drugs before they’re even tested.  Link
  • “Why AI will change our world and why it needs to be purposeful” writes Bernard Marr for Forbes, talking about the importance of purposeful data and empowering humans with technology.  Link

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