In this week’s “our eye on AI”, Elon Musk has been talking about neural implants, Google’s Magenta has composed a song, Facebook announces “Deep Text” and the Weather Company introducing AI enabled advertising with Watson ads;

  • Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, was quoted as saying this week that artificial intelligence and machine learning will create computers so sophisticated and godlike that humans will need to implant “neural laces” in their brains to keep up.  With the industry predicted to grow to $70billion by 2020, Fortune writes “Tech CEO’s declare this the era of Artificial Intelligence.”  Link
  • Can an artificially intelligent machine be artistic?  Google thinks so!  This week Magenta, a project from the Google Brain team, released its first computer-generated song, composed with no human assistance.  Whether the music is any good is another question, writes Alyssa Newcomb for ABC News, but it’s an impressive feat considering Magenta is self taught. Watch the video.
  • On Wednesday, Facebook announced Deep Text, an AI engine it’s building to understand the meaning and sentiment behind all of the text posted by users to Facebook.  With over a billion people checking Facebook every single day, the network has trillions of status updates, event invitations, photo albums, and videos on its servers. Facebook is sitting on an ever-growing mountain of information that it can use more effectively to connect people with similar interests, sell more ads, and help people find things they’re looking for. Link
  • People will soon be talking to web ads on, thanks to Watson writes the Wall Street Journal.  Yesterday The Weather Company announced Watson ads, to humanise the ad experience for consumers with industry-first capability.  Link

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