In this week’s “Our Eye on AI”, McCann Japan claims to have created the first ad made by AI, Babylon Health launches an app which acts as an AI triage nurse, Google suggests a “red button” to halt an algorithm, AI “outsmarts cancer”, AI writes a screenplay and more from Elon Musk on neural laces.

  • McCann Japan claims to have created the first ad made by AI in “man v machine” for Clorets.  The artificially conceived ad is part of a campaign that pits man against machine to see who can create the best work.  Link   
  • Health technology brand Babylon Health, a mobile app device that puts affordable health care into the hands of every person on earth, has just launched an AI symptom checker, which enables you to ask the app to diagnose you based on your symptoms.  Available to everyone on earth with a mobile phone, having created an AI triage nurse, Babylon hints that an AI doctor is just around the corner.  Watch the launch video here.
  • Artificial intelligence “outsmarts cancer” reports BBC Health as early trial data shows a drug developed using AI can slow the growth of cancer in clinical trials.  Link 
  • Wired’ Matt Burgess reports that Google has suggested a “big red button” which would act as an “interruption policy”, built into algorithms to safely stop a machine.   A research paper from DeepMind and the University of Oxford says there should be a way to “repeatedly safely interrupt” an algorithm. Link
  • Last week saw AI writing a song, this week it’s a screenplay.  Describes as “fascinatingly incoherent”, you can watch the short here.
  • Elon Musk has made the news again this week, following his comments on neural laces last week.  This week Futurism ran the headline “Elon Musk – To survive the age of artificial intelligence, humanity must “achieve symbiosis with machines”.  Link

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