In this week’s “Our Eye on AI”, Wired reports on “everything Apple”, Google opens a machine learning centre in Zurich, AI can make you rich, AI helps the council, and AI is coming…finally!

  • Wired reported on “Everything Apple” from WWDC 2016 this week.  Highlights included Apple’s big move to make Siri work for more people by opening it up to third-party developers and bringing Siri to mac.  You can read the full report here.
  • Google has opened a machine learning research centre in Europe to further explore AI.  The centre which has opened in Zurich, will focus on machine learning, in which computers use vast amounts of data to teach themselves and build rules about the data.  Link.
  • Artificial Intelligence will make you richer by giving you back the gift of time.  We all know the time equals money so by giving you back time, will AI actually make you richer.  Wizzo, powered by IBM Watson, is all about making your life more meaningful by giving you back time and assisting you on managing all aspects of your finances.  Link.
  • A council in the UK is using an artificial intelligence system to deal with front-line service inquiries in a first for the public sector.  Enfield council will use the programme to introduce a viral customer service agent, called Amelia, from this autumn on the authority’s website to answer queries from residents and help guide them to the right part of the site.  Link.
  • The Washington Post declares “The amazing artificial intelligence we were promised is coming, finally!”  The report outlines the key dates in AI history and predicts “Rosie from The Jetsons and R2-D2 of Star Wars are about a decade away”.  Featuring quotes from Kevin Kelly, PHD’s speaker at Cannes Lions 2016.  Link.

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