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Facebook is big, but it can’t reach young people who don’t exist

6 September 2017

PHD USA’s chief investment officer Craig Atkinson comments on the latest viral Facebook report which claims their potential reach to be higher than the existing population.

The report stated that Facebook has a reach of 41 million people between the ages 18-24  even though last year’s census reported that there were just 31 million people living in the country within this age bracket.

Craig discusses how clients are expecting more than just an age and gender demographic report and are expecting sophisticated audience data;

“Our clients are looking for allergy suffers, vacation intenders, movie enthusiasts and people with a car about to come off lease. Once that level of precision is available, exactly how many 18-34 year old females that exist in the U.S. is a much less interesting number. That’s where the true power of Facebook lies.”

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