Off the back of my winning an internal competition,  I attended my first Cannes Lions and was impressed by the high profile digital US companies such as Oath, Facebook and Google dominating the Croisette. I felt that European broadcasters, newspapers and media companies were less present, demonstrating how the media world has visibly changed. Despite this, lectures and conferences seemed focussed on big creative as well as data driven marketing solutions.

I spent several hours within the Palais checking out the submissions and five campaigns stood out to me based on their use of data and technology to offer more efficient media solutions.

  • McDelivery Singapore:  This real time deployment that responds to up-to-the-minute restaurant capacity is designed to limit waste in media investment by delivering the campaign only when the restaurant is able to supply the order on time, with a tailor made solution for each restaurant.
  • Heineken experience: This campaign has the capacity to give a bright experience to travelers based on their digital journey during the planification cycle.
  • Tide: I admired this campaign’s capacity to integrate with the most popular TV event in the US, the Super bowl.
  • Violence stopping outdoor: This hyper local campaign from Finland demonstrated a robust solution, to make the message against violence stronger when people realise that domestic violence is happening in their neighborhood. Each bus shelter was directly connected to a 911 call and the message appeared immediately on crime scenes for the following 48 hour period.
  • Bully ads: I really like this campaign from Canada which targeted influencers and explored a creative programmatic way to stimulate engagement, generating amazing results for a Non-Governmental Organisation with a small budget.

While I was impressed by what I saw, my selection didn’t always align with the Jury’s choices. I am now back to work in Montreal and I would like to thank everyone for their contribution to make this week at Cannes an amazing experience.