Several professionals from advertisers, agencies and technology companies analyse the challenges and opportunities of the marketer industry at FOA 2018.


The digital world and technology offer marketers as many benefits as they do uncertainty and far from having the formula of success in their hands, professionals are faced with an equation to which more and more unknowns are added.

Added to this, brands are faced with empowered consumers, enormously demanding and scarcely faithful, leaving marketing agents at a crossroads from which they can only bet double or nothing. In the marketer world it seems there are no written rules and anyone who wants to continue in it has to be willing to play.

When asked about emotional advertising and whether it makes sense to play it all on the emotion card and talk little about the product, PHD Spain’s Director of Innovation Gemma Vallet commented: “It’s something cyclical, sometimes you have to show who you are and at other times you turn to the product.”


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