Anjali Ramachandran, PHD UK’s Head of Innovation looks at what’s been happening this week, in the outside world.

A Sri Lankan newspaper created the world’s first mosquito repellent paper and printed an edition on it – educating locals about Dengue fever and creating worldwide publicity for the issue and sparking discussions about the regeneration of the print industry… can they create a commuter repellent one?

You have probably heard about the American guy who got himself locked in a branch of Waterstones overnight, but now Airbnb is teaming up with them to launch a sleepover competition in the same store, which will allow 20 ‘lucky’ winners to spend the night there… get involved using #waterstonessleepover

An schmaltzy but interesting video about how Burberry managed to capture people’s kisses, in partnership with Google, to allow people to virtually send a kiss by kissing their computer or phone screen and sending it round the world…