Happy Friday the 13th! (it’s considered lucky in Italy along with back cats)

Here are some interesting things in the world of tech & design to float your curiosity boat this pre-valentines eve courtesy of our guest writer Katy Garner-Foy

  • At Eenmaal pop-up restaurant in Amsterdam, tables are set for one. According to creator Marina van Goor, Eenmaal “is the perfect place to dine in pleasant solitude; an exciting experiment for those who never go out for dinner alone. The most concerning issue is – who else’s dessert would you taste?


  • Hoping to bring back a bit of the personal touch to today’s cold, impersonal digital communications, New Jersey-based startup Tactonics thinks the world might just get hooked on Tact messaging. With about the same effort it takes to send an emotionless, poorly spelled text message, you could use their new TactPuck to send your loved ones a more heartfelt, meaningful “sensory message” that is intended to let them get in touch with your feelings from afar!


  • Online dating it seems, has been missing the point. You learn more about people from other people who have actually met them, as opposed to their embellished profiles. LoveCritique matches you with people who are reviewed and ready to date tonight! This service gives you information about your date from others who have already had a drink or a relationship with him or her (and presumably rejected them). If you like the sound of it, private testing of their app in beta begins tomorrow on Valentine’s Day…


Finally, see how keen your date is to get back in touch for a follow up using this new start-up offering – wrte.io will monetise incoming emails by charging people to email you! They will simply forward a message from the wrte.io personal address to your private email only when it is get paid in bitcoin online currency. Time is money.