Guest contributor, Rob Hannam gives us the latest mix of interesting people, amazing stories and inspiring thoughts to get the brains ticking over. 

  • The latest piece of crowd funded tech out of Sweden promises to transform your relationship with your smartphone by removing the barriers between you and your phone’s most frequently used functions. Flic uses wireless technology to connect your phone with a portable, adhesive button, which can be placed anywhere and used to access apps, make phone calls, and even control your home’s heating, lights and security system.
  • Elevators are great for going up and down, but what if you want to go side-ways? Well, this Star Trek style world might not be that far away according to some technologists, with current elevator functionality not meeting the demands of an increasingly urbanised world.
  • The ‘Choose your own Adventure’ series of books were revolutionary in the 90s – allowing readers to determine the fate of their heroes by selecting from several outcomes. Well, in their latest music video, Coldplay have rekindled this otherwise dead concept, empowering viewers with the ability to interact and decide how the story unfolds.


What’s better than a pair of headphones you never have to plug into your phone? How about a pair you never have to plug in at all? That’s the idea behind the Helios, a pair of Bluetooth headphones equipped with a solar panel that allow them to harness that big bright ball in the sky as an unlimited power supply for up to 15 hours of playback at a time, totally off the grid.