Gemma Teeling, IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards

Gemma Teeling, PHD Ireland’s Deputy Managing Director, received the distinguished title of Management Professional of the Year at the 2018 IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards, a celebration for Ireland’s top businesswomen changemakers.

With over 400 entries in this year’s awards, the competition was fiercer than ever, and the panel of judges reviewed, debated and even argued over the nominees before deciding on an exclusive shortlist. There were eight categories with over 80 nominees; all inspirational, talented businesswomen.

The Management Professional of the Year award was particularly competitive, with a shortlist of 11 women all regarded as professional leaders in their respective industries. Teeling, a key leader of PHD and a significant driver of PHD Ireland’s success, was ultimately honoured with the win.

PHD Ireland has celebrated a hugely successful year thus far. On top of Teeling’s recognition, they won Agency of the Year at Ireland’s Media Awards in April and solidified their top-ranked position on the IAPI Advertising Effectiveness league table in September with the largest agency haul.