This article was first published on Campaign Asia

Keith Weed, Unilever’s global chief marketing officer, talks with Campaign Asia-Pacific about the changing marketing industry, the FMCG giant’s media-agency review, and the company’s new, future-facing planning structure.

Keith reflected on PHD Worldwide’s CEO, Mike Cooper’s comment at the recent Media360 Summit. Mike talked about how Unilever has put a new planning structure in place that places media agencies at the centre of the process.

Keith said; “The way we used to think about it before was to first create content and then distribution. They were two separate things: creative and media. Now content and distribution come together as one. So where you see something and the context of where you see it makes a huge difference. Our old model was called ABC where A stood for attention and getting awareness; B was about branding; and C stood for communication. Today, we’ve come up with something that’s much more appropriate. It’s called ART and is about authenticity, which is essentially branding with meaning; relevance; and talkability or simply creating awarenesss on steroids, which social media allows.

The first thing one needs to do is think about media choice. Don’t start with a piece of creative or television ad and adapt it to other media. Start with media choice, which indeed puts PHD, our planning agency, in a different situation. This is highly appropriate for the new world. There is so much media choice that brands need to be upfront in a selective way. This is the great dilemma because there has never been a more exciting time to be in marketing and advertising. It’s a big change and we’ve just launched it to 6,500 marketers around the world, hosted sessions with agencies and we’re now embedding it within the teams”.

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