The media landscape is getting increasingly cluttered. More and more companies are batteling for the limited ad space there is, and new formats are trying to steal the consumer’s interest almost by exploding in their faces. In Sweden (and many other markets), this has led to another form of explosion: that of ad-blocker usage. A recent report stated that:

  • Sweden is third in the world when it comes to ad-blocker penetration
  • More men than women use ad-blockers, and more people living in large cities than in rural areas
  • Usage declinges with age: 43 % of 15-24 year olds say they use ad blockers, but only 2 % in the age group 76+.

So what does this mean for advertisers? The same thing as always: we need to find even smarter ways of interacting with the public and our potential customers. It’s not enough to be seen anymore, in order to stand out you have to do something that’s worth noticing. The in-your-face tactics are doomed to fail if consumers have the option to simply look away.