Lauren Ogundeko (PHD London)

Head of Response

What do you do?

I look after digital media at PHD. With a team of 50+ specialists covering everything from paid, owned and earned media. My role is to support my team, our clients, and our planning teams with digital-led direction on maximising their media in the digital space.

What is it like to work at PHD?

Working at PHD is like working with a huge extended creative side of the family that you actually like! So many of the people here bring rich experience and deep expertise. Nothing is bland, every idea or piece of work I encounter is well thought out and of a high standard. It makes me feel a sense of pride to be amongst such a cool set of people.

What is your favourite thing about PHD?

Nothing is basic. Everything has a theatrical edge to it. From company meetings, to client meetings, the people at PHD are always putting their best foot forward which encourages me to always want to produce my best.

What would be your advice to anyone looking to work at PHD?

Take the time to learn about what drives PHD. It’s a very different media agency to other agencies. Come in prepared and be open to a different and more palatable way of doing things. You will ask yourself why you didn’t join sooner…I know I did.